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We offer venue for Spiritual Seminars & Courses, not only for the laity, but also for the religious and the clergy alike.
Retreats, Ecumenism and religious dialogue are at the top of our agenda. Zakeo’s tranquil environment makes it just an ideal place
for such activities. Retreats, seminars or spiritual courses are given by monks themselves or by invited facilitator.

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Prayer & Meditation Facility

Zakeo is first of all a “place of prayer.” Its quite environment, its beautiful chapel and  a meditation room  – make it incomparable to any other facility in the entire southern part of Tanzania.

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Meeting & Seminar Facility

Different sorts of meetings or seminars can take place in our Zakeo. These seminars/meetings  may be of  religious, social or economic nature. While such events may be prepared by our Brothers

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Recreation & Hiking Facility

Though we do not boast of luxurious rooms, our standard rooms, gardens and friendly environment will surely assure you new strength in time of stress and tiredness.

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